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Get fresh. Your skin will thank you!

Restore, revitalize, rejuvenate within NW Calgary’s premiere skin studio.

Welcome to Fresh Laser

We are a registered Cosmetic Laser Clinic with state-of-the-art technology to restore, improve and maintain your skin’s health and appearance.

For All Genders & Skin Types

We specialize in skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté & hands, as well as laser hair removal, tattoo/pigment removal and body sculpting.

Glow & Go

Our anytime for anyone, no downtime treatments are designed to help improve and maintain your skin health, while leaving you with a fresh, healthy glow.

Perfect for a special occasion or refreshing treat, making our Glow & Go treatments ideal gifts for that special someone.

Our Specialties

All treatments are in a private, comfortable environment.

Hair Removal

Reduce unwanted hair on your face and body without razors or painful waxes & chemicals.


Tattoo Removal

Providing safe and effective tattoo removal with two leading edge technologies.


Skin Rejuvenation

Tighten loose skin and remove pesky imperfections without major surgery or downtime.*


Body Sculpting

Non-invasive treatments that can sculpt your body and reduce stubborn fat.*


We are committed to helping you look and feel your personal best by providing the highest level of medical grade cosmetic procedures.


Fresh Laser Skin Studio

Where Medical Aesthetics Meets Excellence

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio, our focus is in providing you the best treatments or treatment combinations to naturally improve your skin health. All of our treatments are customized to your skin’s needs using the latest advanced technology, that we know to be safe and effective while providing you with natural results.

We use the latest technology and all of our specialists are certified and trained on all of the procedures they provide. We will do our utmost to provide you the best treatment options for your concerns. At Fresh Laser Skin Studio we put safety first, and stay up to date on the best techniques and latest treatment developments. If you’re ready for a fresh start - Book your consultation today!


Our Fresh Laser Guarantees

Safety and Efficacy

Safe, professional & effective treatments using the most advanced technology available today.

Certified Professionals

Customized treatments to fit your unique needs, performed by Certified Laser Specialists, Technicians, & Skin Care Professionals.

Privacy and Quality

A truly comfortable & private atmosphere where quality of service and customer care are our top priorities.

Full body laser hair removal for everyone

Safe, professional treatments for all body areas and genders

We keep up to date with the latest laser technologies by Cynosure and Cutera, providing you with the most comfortable treatments while leaving you with fresh, smooth skin! Our packages provide great value, including payment options and never paying full price again for that area, if further treatments are needed after your package is complete. Stay forever fresh!

PicoSure & Enlighten tattoo/ pigment removal

Pigment and tattoo removal for all skin types

The best picosecond laser technology available today! Full or partial tattoo removal of all colours. The PicoSure and Enlighten lasers provide unbeatable tattoo removal technology coupled with the safest and most advanced picosecond skin rejuvenation treatments available today. Great for all skin types and stubborn pigment.

Skin rejuvenation of the face, neck, décolleté & hands

Customized Treatment Plans

Did you know that over 85% of the signs of aging in your skin is caused by the environment? Exposure to UV light is the primary culprit of increasing the natural aging process, resulting in the early onset of fine lines, wrinkles, broken vessels, pigment and unwanted redness. Protecting your skin is vital, and having the right treatment options available are important in helping to repair and maintain healthy skin.

truSculpt iD & FlexSure body sculpting

truSculpt - non-surgical, non-invasive body sculpting

The latest technology to provide safe and effective treatments for stubborn fat pad reduction. Treatments are hands-free and 15 minutes long per area.

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio, we put safety first and stay up to date on the best techniques and latest treatment developments. If you’re ready for a fresh start – book your consultation today by calling us at (403) 264-4494 or schedule one online!

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