My passion for the aesthetic industry took root during my teenage years when I decided to embrace a regular skin care routine.

I’ve always valued my health and I knew that taking care of my skin at a young age would not only benefit my skin health but would also contribute to my overall health and well-being.

My facination with science and the human body guided me towards a journey in nursing, during my post-secondary education. However, I soon realized my true calling was in creating an environment where clients could feel happy with the great changes in their skin health from my care and passion I had nurtured over the years.

This realization led me to pursue the medical aesthetic program at John Casablancas Institute in Vancouver, British Columbia. Combining science and beauty in a single field allowed me to fulfill both of my passions. As the top student in my one-year program, I felt empowered to embark on a fresh start in Calgary.

My excitement reached new heights when I was offered a position to join the Fresh Laser Skin Studio team!, where I now have the opportunity to work with the top technologies in the industry alongside a talented team of professionals!

Helping people achieve amazing results and witnessing their happiness drives my dedication to this industry and I am committed to continuous learning and growth to ensure each client receives exceptional care and results.


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