Rene CookThe medical esthetics industry and the importance of maintaining our skin health, has long been a passion of mine. Once I graduated from High School, I enrolled into the European Institute of Esthetics and Laser Training Centre in Edmonton.

After graduating with honors, I moved to Grande Prairie, where I began my career at the LSpa. It is here where I refined my aesthetician skills and learned the importance of listening to my client’s concerns, as well as, being detailed oriented to achieve the best results. These experiences not only enhanced my knowledge and skills in aesthetics, but also reinforced the relationship of skin health and how it can affect how a person feels about themselves. I realized prevention and correction are keys to good skin health and I wanted to make more of a difference!

Knowing that I wanted to expand my range of skills, I moved to Calgary in 2016. I was fortunate to work with a skilled Dermatologist, whose practice offered a multitude of treatments and interventions to address many skin concerns. I was able to hone my skills in laser interventions and the science of maintaining our skin’s health.

I am now excited to bring my knowledge and skills to Fresh Laser Skin Studio, where I can continue my love of knowledge and stay up to date with the latest techniques and laser technology. I feel very fortunate to be a part of a great team that helps each other, loves to learn and genuinely cares about their clients.

Aesthetics is so much more than a beauty treatment. I am very proud that I have had the opportunity to help many individuals improve their skin health from Acne and scarring to vessels and fine lines. My favourite part of this industry is that it’s constantly evolving. Just when we think we’ve reached the peak, something new arises. I believe in continual education and learning, with a focus on safety and client involvement. It’s all about listening to “what matters to you” and then creating that perfect treatment plan to realistically achieve those results!


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