ShariI have been in the medical esthetics industry since 2016; however, my interest in skin care stems back from my teenage years.

I suffered from cystic acne and I tried many products on the market that were supposed to help with acne, but I still struggled to improve my skin. I was frustrated and always found myself researching about the skin’s function and what can affect the skin’s function to help with my condition. Not only was I able to improve my skin’s condition, I discovered this was my passion all along!

This prompted me to enroll in the European Institute of Esthetics and Laser Training Centre in Edmonton, where I lived at the time. I graduated in 2016 and was eager to find a skin care clinic that matched my values and truly cares about helping clients achieve their goals. Due to my own skin problems, I feel I can truly relate to people who feel self-conscious about their own skin concerns. I’ve been in their shoes and I love watching their self-esteem grow!

I moved to Calgary and started my first Laser Technician position, but something just did not feel right and decided to apply elsewhere. After starting my second position, it was not long before I realized I was not in the right place again. I was truly discouraged at the thought that maybe there was no such place!

Well, I am glad I did not give up and I am happy to say I have finally found a place where I belong, at Fresh Laser Skin Studio. It is a great team environment where everyone truly cares about their clients and the quality of services they provide.

I now feel I can uphold my values and continue to grow and learn in the skin care industry, while helping others.


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