The causes of brown spots

Brown spots (also known as age or sun spots) are small, freckle-like marks that are caused by excessive sun exposure. They commonly appear on the face, chest, shoulders and arms because those areas of the body get the most sunshine. Ultraviolet (UV rays) accelerate the production of melanin, which gives skin its brown pigmentation. Brown spots result from overactive pigment cells and melanin being grouped together in higher concentrations. Melanin tends to develop in small circles in a concentrated area.

These spots are mostly harmless and are usually addressed for cosmetic reasons. If you do notice an unusual brown spot on your skin, be sure to monitor it to make sure it doesn’t change in size or color. If the spot does change size or color, schedule an appointment with your regular physician to get it checked out.

What is melasma?

Melasma is a common skin condition in which brown or gray-brown patches develop on the face. Melasma commonly forms on the forehead, bridge of the nose, cheeks, lips and chin and other areas of the body that get a lot of sunlight. Women are more likely to develop this condition than men, and it is sometimes called the “mask of pregnancy” because it commonly occurs at that time.

The cause of melasma isn’t clear, but it occurs when melanocytes (the color-making cells in the skin) produce too much color. This condition is triggered by:

  • Changes in hormones (caused by pregnancy, birth control pills or hormone replacement medicine)
  • Sun exposure, as UV rays stimulate melanocytes

Treatments in NW Calgary

We offer multiple treatments at our skin studio in northwest Calgary. In some cases, we may combine treatments to give you the most amazing results possible. We use the following options to treat brown spots:

Laser pigment removal
Laser Pigment Removal

This is the treatment of choice if you have minimal brown spots, sun damage or freckles. Not suitable for all skin
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An effective treatment for all over brown spots, sun damage or freckles, on your face, neck décolletage, hands or any
other areas with large amounts of sun damage.
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Pico Focus Facial
Pico Focus Facial

Effective for all skin types and the only laser that can safely help to control melasma.*
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This is one of the best non-ablative skin treatments to improve overall skin tone, texture and laxity.*
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Thermoclear Pro RF
ThermoClear Pro RF

A precise manual technique that always produces great results.* This what we use to treat pigment that is not safe to use the laser, such as the eye area.
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