What are large pores?

Pores are hair follicle openings that serve as the escape route for sweat and other body toxins. Large pores are more visible on the skin and tend to be found on oily or aging skin. Enlarged pores often get clogged with debris and oils, like sebum, that should flow out of pores. If you have larger pores, you are more prone to acne and breakouts.

The causes of enlarged pores

Most often, genetics determine enlarged pores. Unclean and oily skin can also cause oils to settle around the pores, making them appear larger as the skin around them thickens. Your skin will also thicken as a result of sun damage and aging, as both cause cells to build up around pore openings.

Often, people will use makeup to hide their enlarged pores, but makeup can actually make your pores appear larger, especially if it’s not properly washed off. Makeup can settle in around the pores, highlighting instead of hiding them. Cosmetics can also be a magnet for dirt and oils, causing enlarged pores to almost literally shine.

Lastly, as our skin ages, sebaceous (oil) glands, cell renewal activity, and collagen & elastin production all decrease, thereby increasing the visibility of pores.

Treatments in NW Calgary

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio in NW Calgary, we provide many treatments that will help with pore size. These are our top recommendations for non-invasive treatments to reduce enlarged pores.


Great for cleansing your pores and restoring your skin health with advanced patented technology that revitalizes your skin without the downtime! Your skin will look and feel better with just one treatment!* Best for
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Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis

A gentle, no downtime treatment to help improve your skin tone, texture and laxity.* Results are cumulative leaving your skin fresh and healthy!*
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Pico Focus Facial
Pico Focus

Breakthrough Pico second technology offering the world’s first and finest laser skin revitalization treatments available today!
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PICO Genesis
Pico Genesis

Gentle and effective for all skin types providing advanced picosecond skin revitalization.*
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