Why do scars form?

Scars may occur from a variety of circumstances including accidents, skin conditions like acne, surgical scarring or as the result of certain diseases. When recovering from an injury or skin condition, your skin cells work to make collagen in order to repair the wound at a quicker rate than your body’s natural collagen production. This results in a scar, which is an area of skin that is typically thicker and not as flexible as the rest of your skin.

The appearance of scars varies depending on what they were caused by and how your body heals as a result. Scars may be flat, keloid, raised or depressed. They can also vary in size, shape and colour.

A scar can be a painful reminder of previous scenarios that we would rather not think about. They can also cause emotional discomfort if you are unhappy with their appearance.

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks, also known as striae distensa, are the streaky lines on the skin, especially on the abdomen and legs, that are caused by the rapid expansion of skin during pregnancy or from obesity. Newer stretch marks range from red to purple in color, while older ones appear white or silver in tone.

This sudden stretching of the skin actually results in the tearing of the dermis (below the surface of the skin). These marks are notoriously difficult to treat, but thanks to advances in aesthetic treatments, improvements are possible.*

Treatments in NW Calgary

Although many of our treatments help to repair the skin, these are our top treatments we recommend at Fresh Laser Skin Studio for scar improvement.

scar treatment
Pico genesis FX

The newest non-ablative, fractionated picosecond laser treatment to help improve the appearance of scars.*
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Uses fractional RF microneedle technology to reduce minor to major scarring.*
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Venus Viva Revive
Venus Viva ReVive

Naturally boosts the production of collagen and elastin to revive your skin. Helps to improve the appearance of scarring, including stretch marks*
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