Did you know that wearing a quality daily sunscreen is one of the best anti-aging secrets?

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio, we hear all the excuses why people don’t properly protect their skin! So we thought we would address a few of the common myths about wearing a daily sunscreen and why it is important to wear even in the winter months!

It’s dark before and after work, why do I need sunscreen if I’m in the office all day?
Well, in addition to the UV rays that can penetrate your office window, did you know that your computer, Ipad and smart phone screens can contribute to aging your skin? HEV light (the blue light radiated from electronic screens) is being shown in studies to be able to penetrate your skin deeper than UV rays from the sun. Also, just like sunlight, it is also capable of creating harmful amounts of free radicals in your skin, which cause damage to the cells and subsequently accelerate aging. In addition to using sunscreen every day, don’t forget the importance of a good quality L-Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) in your skin care regime, to help keep those free radicals at bay.

I’ve heard that sunscreen depletes our bodies of essential Vitamin D.
That would be true…if Canada had enough sunshine in the winter to get the recommended amount of Vitamin D in the first place. Not to mention enough warm days to get outside to soak it up! In Canada’s winter months, unfortunately we don’t get enough sunshine to allow our bodies to create enough Vitamin D anyways. The safest way to get enough Vitamin D to be healthy, without risking getting skin cancer, is to take supplements. Try eating foods high in this vitamin such as fish, eggs and liver. Also fortified OJ, milk and cereals can give you 25% of what your body needs daily. You can also get a Vitamin D supplement at any health food, drug or grocery store to fill in the gap.

I don’t want to be putting those chemicals on my skin every day.
We understand. It is true that “traditional” sunscreens are composed of many chemicals which can degrade when exposed to UV light, losing their effectiveness after as little as an hour, forcing you to apply even more. Some of the chemicals themselves have also been shown to be absorbed by the skin and into your bloodstream. Not fun! So how can you win if the sun is destructive and so is the sunscreen? MINERALS! Natural, mineral based sunscreens are made of finely crushed Zinc and Titanium. They work immediately upon applying, are not absorbed by your skin, reflect the UV rays (instead of absorbing) and they are also non allergenic, non-comedogenic and anti-microbial. This means they are great for all ages, as well as anyone with acne or sensitive skin!

Sunscreens are too thick, heavy and greasy. I don’t like the feel of them on my face!
We totally agree. Most sunscreens ARE thick and greasy and don’t feel nice on your skin at all. Luckily, we have found a solution for that. Minerals to the rescue again! Colorescience loose powder sunscreens are Zinc and Titanium minerals that provide an SPF protection level of 50! The loose powder feels nice and light on your skin and is super easy and quick to apply. You are only adding seconds to your routine in the morning and even men can use them! Our Skinceuticals liquid SPF sunscreens are also made from minerals and don’t feel heavy or greasy at all. Please feel free to stop in for your free sample. We promise, you won’t look at sunscreens the same way ever again.

Get Fresh! Your Skin Will Thank You!
Article written by Fresh Laser Skin Studio Ltd. December 2015.


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