Customized skin treatments to control your acne

Having struggled with acne since the age of 12, and now in my 50s, I know first hand how frustrating and hard it can be to treat!

Who is affected by acne?

Even though there are numerous treatments and products available on the market today, acne still continues to affect all generations. Acne is considered an inflammatory disease of the sebaceous glands and is typically genetic. There is no magic formula that will cure or guarantee long-term results and there is no way to predict how long it will last!

What triggers acne?

Acne is triggered by an excess production of sebum. Sebum is an oil made by our sebaceous glands in our skin. They are most numerous in the face, as well as the back and chest. The sebum along with skin cells can clog our pores and promote the growth of bacteria contributing to acne. There are different grades of acne and depending on that grade will determine the treatments best for you.

There are many medications and treatments available today, making it confusing and overwhelming to choose what is right for you. What worked for your friend may not work for you, and usually takes time and patience to see improvement!

The 3 most common solutions given when seeking help are:

  1. Prescribing creams that contain antibiotics, benzyl peroxide, vitamin A,: Just a band-aid and is not looking at the overall picture and skincare regime.
  2. Prescribing antibiotics when the cream is not effective: Again just another band-aid, as this still does not look at the overall picture and skincare regime. Antibiotics can be harsh on your stomach and may wipe out your normal flora causing other problems. It only addresses bacterial infection and not sebum production.
  3. Prescribing Accutane or similar drugs: These drugs have many side affects and requires careful monitoring. Although these drugs may help clear acne, it is not a cure, only a method of control with an unknown length of time.

Please realize there is no such thing as a one time treatment cure for acne, or any skin condition. Many factors need to be considered. More than one treatment will likely be needed, as well as using the correct skin care products, and time to heal will be necessary for continued improvement.

Finally here is AviClear!

New breakthrough laser technology to treat mild to severe acne!

AviClear offers an effective and safe alternative to topicals and systemic prescriptions. AviClear treats acne at its source by targeting the sebum to decrease sebaceous gland activity to prevent acne from forming. Clinical studies have shown the results of AviClear, at the 6 month mark, to be equal if not superior to the results of taking oral Vitamin A prescriptions for the same length of time, without the risks and side affects.

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio, we will do an in depth skin consultation, looking at all aspects of your health, including previous treatments, present skin care regime and skin condition. All this information is used to determine a treatment program that will work best for you. It is very important that pictures are taken initially, and after treatments, to monitor your progress and enable assessment to see if and when changes are necessary.

Acne treatment options/combinations:

As all treatments are customized for our clients individual skin conditions, pricing will naturally vary depending on the treatment method. If you’d like to determine an accurate price, why not book a consultation today or get in touch to find out more…

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