What is Cosmetic tattoo removal?

Cosmetic tattoo removal is the removal of permanent and/or semi-permanent makeup from the face, scalp or body. There are several names that fall under the cosmetic tattoo category such as microblading, dermapigmentation and micropigmentation.

All of these cosmetic techniques involve depositing pigment into the dermis of the skin to such areas as the:

  • eyebrows
  • eyelids
  • lips
  • scalp
  • skin

Similar to body tattoos, cosmetic tattooing is increasing in popularity with the end result not always desirable, or the time has come for a change. Consequently, the demand for removal or altering of cosmetic tattoos is becoming one of the fastest growing services in the beauty industry.


Our Technology

While many people assume that cosmetic pigment will be easier to remove than the ink used in body tattoos, this isn’t always the case.

Many factors may influence the success of removing a cosmetic tattoo such as:

  • the type of ink used in the tattoo
  • the technique and application of the tattoo
  • skin tone
  • overall health

Therefore it is very important to choose the best picosecond technology and an experienced laser clinic to safety achieve the best results.

At Fresh Laser Skin Studio we have been removing tattoos and cosmetic tattoos for over 8 years. We use the 2 top brand picosecond lasers in the market today, providing us the ability to safely treat all colours of ink.

Factors Affecting Cosmetic Tattoo Removal

  1. The pigment/ink used in cosmetic tattooing is a mixture of several pigments and additives to produce the actual colour that is deposited into the skin. This may result in various colour changes during the removal process.
  2. Pigment/ink may contain iron oxides that may oxidize when treated with a laser, turning the colour darker and in some cases black. If this occurs, the number of tattoo removal treatments required may increase.
  3. A small test spot is always done first, to see the reaction of the ink to our laser. Frosting is the best response and means the tattoo is responding appropriately to the laser and we can move forward with the removal treatment. If the test spot turns black, a decision to continue with the treatment will need to be made, understanding it will be darker initially (please see #2).
  4. If there is hair in the treatment area, such as the eyebrows, we do our best to work around the hair but some may be affected by the laser. If this occurs darker hair may temporarily frost/lighten, due to the pigment attracting the laser light. However, there is no worry of any hair loss caused from our cosmetic tattoo removal lasers, as the technology is different from our hair removal lasers. After the treatment you can fill in your brows with makeup and even get the hair tinted 48 hours post treatment.

Pre and post treatment information

Minimum pricing $200 per treatment
Eye liner $300 per treatment

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