What is cystic acne control?

Cystic acneCystic acne is the most severe form of acne, and is often quite painful when the infection forms deep below the skin tissue. There is an increased risk of scarring, the longer the cyst(s) have time to develop, and they can take several weeks or months to heal. Fortunately, Fresh Laser’s perfected treatment works well at controlling cystic acne on the face and body and is a great alternative to pharmaceutical solutions!

How does it work?

Our laser uses 2 wavelengths that helps to kill the bacteria in the sebaceous gland, while minimizing the fluid build up to promote the healing process. This is one of our favorite laser treatments because it gives instant relief when treated right away. Whenever you start to get one of those hard, sore underneath (cystic) bumps! People who suffer from this know exactly what we are talking about!

Then we can laser it to help prevent the hard cystic acne from getting any bigger. The fluid pressure is reduced, softening the cyst and relieving the pain, dramatically decreasing the healing time! Older cysts can also be treated but may take more than one treatment to soften and decrease size.

We offer an emergency zit zap service to our clients.  All you have to do is call and we will book you in ASAP for the laser treatment on the cyst to relieve the soreness and help to prevent picking or scarring.

ASAP Service
$95 – Individual acne cyst
$100-150 – 2-5 cysts
Appointment Service for larger areas
$200-300 small area
$300-400 medium area
$500 large area
$500+ xlarge area
All treatments are customized and a complimentary consultation is recommended to determine your best treatment options.

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