What is Lip Brilliance?

Lip Brilliance is a customized blend of picosecond laser technologies, specifically designed to naturally enhance the volume and colour of your lips!*

Diminish sun damage, while reviving lip colour and fullness without the use of fillers. We use combinations of our picosecond technologies to create naturally plump and brilliant lips!*

  • Effective for most skin types (consultation recommended)
  • 3 treatments are included in the Lip Brilliance package to obtain optimal results
  • Results are cumulative with treatments at 2-3 week intervals*
  • Stubborn pigment, in the lip area, may take more treatments to resolve
  • Minimal downtime, 24-48 hrs of edema and redness
  • 15 minute treatment time
  • Treatment area includes the upper and lower lip area
  • 1-3 treatments per year are recommended to maintain the effects of collagen stimulation.*

Pre and Post Treatment Information

Lip Brilliance – $675 for 3 treatments
$325 – Individual treatment
$150 – Add on vascular treatment(red spots and/or venous lakes)

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* Individual results may vary; not a guarantee.


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