How does Low Level Laser Therapy work?

BlondeDuring Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), the visible red low level laser light-energy penetrates into the soft tissue and is absorbed by the cells, causing them to become energized and begin to produce ATP, which is the number one energy source for cell function. This energy stimulates the micro-circulation and increases the blood flow to the area, ultimately increasing the nutrient supply and accelerating the repair process of the cells: improves cell function, cellular metabolism, protein synthesis, decreases inflammation and gives pain relief.*

  • Does not alter molecular structures, but stimulates the body’s mechanisms to repair and heal itself*
  • Can also be used for wound healing*
  • Decreases inflammation after laser treatments and chemical peels
  • Helps repair the skin after surgery*
  • Helps bruising disappear quickly*
  • Helps reduce acne and can be used in conjunction with acne treatments*
  • Enhances skin rejuvenation treatments*
  • Anti-inflammatory properties that can help relieve psoriasis and eczema*
  • Multiple treatments may be necessary

Available as an add-on, to a skin treatment package or individual skin treatment for $35

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