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What is Neck & Dec ReFresh?

Neck & Dec ReFresh is our combination treatment package to help counter the effects of premature aging and ReFresh your neck and décolleté areas!
Our neck and décolleté are common areas too often forgotten when it comes to protecting our skin from the damaging affects of environmental exposure.
We forget that our neck and chest areas have delicate skin and tend to receive as much exposure as our face. However, all too often we do not treat or protect these areas the same as we do our face.
In fact, our neck and décolleté areas often show signs of aging sooner than other areas of our body, as they are more sensitive to the daily exposure of light rays, wind, cold, pollution and other factors.

We combine unique NanoFractional RF™ technology with leading-edge pico second and vascular laser technology to target epidermal photo-damage, mid-dermal wrinkles, and deep-dermal laxity (loose skin).*

  • Effective for all skin types (consultation recommended)
  • Treatments include 2 Venus Viva Revive‘s and 1 Picofirm/PICO Genesis FX*
  • 2 medical grade skin care products valued over $300, Grenzcine Neck & Sunforgettables SPF 50, are included in the Neck & Dec ReFresh package to compliment treatments and protect your skin
  • Stubborn pigment may take 3-5 or more treatments to treat (results vary and depend on age and type of pigment being treated)*
  • All treatments are customized according to individual skin conditions, moderate to severe photo-damage may require more than 3 treatments
  • Minimal downtime, 24-72 hrs of edema and redness
  • 1.5 to 2 hours to perform treatment
  • Results are cumulative with treatments at 2-4 week intervals*
  • 1-3 treatments per year are recommended to maintain the effects of collagen stimulation, skin tightening and skin tone improvement*

Pre and Post Treatment Information Venus Viva ReVive

Pre and Post Treatment Information Picofirm/PICO Genesis FX

Neck & Décolleté – $2995 for 3 treatments (includes skin care products valued over $300).

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