Secret™ PRO Ultra-Light

A customizable ultra light fractional CO₂ laser skin rejuvenation treatment to reveal healthy fresh skin and prevent the signs of aging! 

Secret™ PRO Ultra-Light CO₂ Laser Peel

The Secret PRO CO2 is one of the best technologies for safely resurfacing and improving many skin imperfections* ideal for fair to medium skin tones.  

The Secret PRO Ultra-Light CO2 Laser Peel helps prevent the signs of aging and reveals a refreshed complexion.  This micro peel lightly resurfaces your skin to improve uneven texture and dull skin tone. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Secret Pro Ultra-Light

Secret PRO Ultra-light is a COgentle laser micro peel treatment that safely and effectively improves your skin tone and texture by gently resurfacing a thin outer layer of your skin. This treatment provides quality results that are tailored to your skin’s specific conditions. You’ll enjoy healthier-looking, refreshed skin, quickly and easily!

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patients with all skin tones, all year long.

Secret PRO Ultra-Light helps promote healthy skin and provides results for many common skin concerns, including; uneven skin tone and texture and overall complexion quality.

Before your treatment begins, a topical numbing cream will be applied to increase comfort. During the

treatment, your technician will use the CO₂ hand piece to gently scan the laser over the treatment area to create thousands of

superficial microscopic perforations while leaving the surrounding tissue untouched. As the perforations

heal, new cells appear, leaving your skin with a healthier and refreshed appearance. Depending on the

size of the area being treated, the procedure usually lasts 15 to 30 minutes.

Immediately after the treatment, your skin will be pink, feel very warm, and sensitive to touch. Your technician will offer a topical skincare regimen following the treatment to optimize treatment results. The next day, you will notice a pattern forming over the treatment area from the microscopic perforations that will begin to scab and sluff off over the next few days. The exfoliation process typically lasts 3-4 days.

Most clients will need 3 treatments spaced 4 weeks apart. Your technician will create an ideal treatment plan customized for you, depending on your skin concerns.

After the exfoliation process is complete, you will see immediate changes in your skin’s tone and texture that will progressively improve after each treatment.

Secret PRO Ultra-Light is safe and effective on clients with fair to medium skin tones. It’s ideal for maintaining youthful-looking skin with a series of quick healing treatments.  Skin consultations are recommended prior to booking a treatment.

Pricing for Secret PRO Ultra-Light CO₂

  • FACE $475 + gst
  • FACE & NECK $675 + gst
  • FACE, NECK & DECOLLETE $875 + gst

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