Three steps to a glowing complexion that everyone will surely notice!*

Photo Enhancing Effect

First, we apply a thin layer of the Spectra Patented Carbon Lotion to cleansed skin. The carbon lotion is left on the skin for several minutes to allow penetration into your pores.*
Spectra machine

Photothermal Effect

Second, we use the 1064nm Spectra laser mode to complete a full pass over the carbon treated area. The Spectra laser mode provides photothermal stimulation of the epidermis and dermis by gently heating the skin allowing deeper penetration of the carbon particles and stimulating cell regeneration.*

Photomechanical Peeling Effect

Third, we use the 1064nm Q-switched laser mode to complete multiple passes which removes the Spectra carbon lotion by vaporizing the carbon particles (photomechanical reaction) within the pores to reduce pore size, oils and exfoliate the dead skin cells, leaving you with the perfect healthy glow!*

After Treatment

  • Your skin will appear flushed, gradually diminishing in 30-90 minutes
  • Sunscreen and makeup may be applied immediately after treatment
  • Total treatment time is 45 minutes
  • No additional heat to your face until the next day
  • Avoid strenuous exercise immediately after treatment
  • Minimal to No downtime and is perfect for a special event or a great pick me up!
Spectra Carbon Peel – $350
Package Pricing Available

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