Revitalize and Restore Confidence with Vitalia

What is Vitalia?

TempSure Vitalia is an advanced (RF) treatment to safely help provide rejuvenation to the internal and external vaginal area. Vitalia is a comfortable, non-hormonal, non-surgical and non-invasive treatment.
Treatments take anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on the areas being treated and there is no downtime.

Why Vitalia?

For many women, the physiological changes that occur throughout life may interfere with their quality of life, self-confidence, and sexuality.
Laxity of the vaginal canal may be altered and the mucosal tissue of the vaginal wall may weaken after childbirth, or as a result of hormonal changes due to aging and menopause. This may lead to stress urinary incontinence, decreased sensation, increased vaginal slackening and dryness.

Vitalia enables women to regain confidence and enjoy their sexuality to the fullest by providing many benefits such as:

  • Increasing circulation(neovascularization), boosts lubrication and sensitivity enabling more comfortable and pain free intimate relations
  • Skin tightening inside and out (the labia majora and minora)
  • Improved vaginal strength (Increased muscle tightening for increased stimulation during intimate relations).
  • Jump-start collagen and elastin production resulting in overall rejuvenation of vaginal tissues.
  • Correction of mild urinary incontinence

After the treatment you will experience some immediate improvement, which will continue over the next few weeks.

  • Safe for all skin types, consultation is required before treatment
  • All treatments performed by our registered nurse, meet Jasper
  • Specialized 18mm disposable handpiece with automatic temperature control
  • Comfortable, no downtime and no side effects
  • 30 – 45 minute treatment times are scheduled, depending on treatment areas
  • multiple treatments are recommended for optimal results, in general 3 – 6 treatments at 4 week intervals may be required

This is a purely elective, cosmetic procedure and is contraindicated for conditions such as:

  • Abnormal Pap, must have a normal pap within 1 year of treatment
  • If Pap is abnormal, must have a signed Doctor’s consent on file
  • History of cancer/herpes
  • Any spotting, bleeding, pain or prolapse
  • Any implanted devices that transmit a signal

Why RF Technology?

RF technology has been increasing used in medical aesthetics for over 20 years, proving to be versatile, efficacious and safe to reduce fat, improve cellulite, tighten skin and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin fibers to rejuvenate the skin, without ablating the any tissue and providing no downtime.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that when skin surface temperatures ranging from 38°C to 42°C are obtained, there is optimal contraction of the existing collagen and elastin fibers, followed by the stimulation of fibroblasts in the tissue to produce new collagen and elastin fibres. This rejuvenation process applies to all tissues in the body and does not damage the skin’s surface, unlike other laser technologies, making the TempSure Vitalia a safe and a natural choice for vaginal rejuvenation treatments.

The Vitalia handpiece

  • has a technologically advanced monitoring system that ensures the treatment time only begins once the tissue is at the target temperature and continues to maintain its temperature, to ensure accurate delivery for consistent treatments.
  • is very small, and similar in diameter to your little finger, it enables comfortable uniform delivery of RF energy to warm the lining and outside of the vagina.
  • the RF energy causes molecular vibration to create heat within the tissues to stimulate blood flow and production of collagen and elastin, therefore there is no downtime.

During the TempSure Vitalia procedure you will feel gentle heating of the target tissue. The treatment has been carefully designed with you in mind to deliver heat gradually for a comfortable therapeutic experience every time.

Vitalia Pre and Post Treatment Information


Per area treatment, internal or external vaginal area — $450
Per area full treatment, internal and external vaginal area – $800
Package of 3 full treatments, internal and external vaginal area – $2100

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